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Soltre on the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour-Wild Rose Moon

Date: 07-Dec-2019


Celtic Band Soltre livens up Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour with their own brand of ballyhoo!
Saturday, December 7th, 2019 10:30 a.m - 12 p.m.
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The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour is a fun theatrical event complete with musical guests (The band, Soltre, and special guest, Doug Harsch) , thoughful interviews, an announcer, a game show, an applause instructor, and a sing-a-long theme song. The recorded show airs on WVPE 88.1 FM and on WTCA 1050 AM and 106.1 FM at a later time. It's fun and family friendly.
Linguists have debated the true meaning of Soltre for years. Some say it refers to a philosophy of peace and love. Others say it is a word rooted from a Gaeilge word for laundry soap. To us, Soltre means 4 guys with a wide variety of musical background and talent that have come together to make music they love. We hope you love it too.
Sean Ellsworth-Hoffman’s music reflects his love of far flung empty places and doing work that matters. He grew up on a small farm in northern Indiana and has worked as a merchant mariner, construction worker, teacher, and musician. He began playing fiddle at an early age and has been performing ever since. He currently plays fiddle, guitar, and ukulele and sings with Goldmine Pickers, Soltre, the Midnight Cattle Callers, and Clusterfolk.
Adam Carter is a versatile multi-instrumentalist whose sensitivity and talent allow him to blend seamlessly into a variety of musical styles ranging from old-time and Irish to Latin rock and pop. He currently plays and sings with several bands, including Lalo Cura, soft psychic, Goldmine Pickers, and Soltre.
Eric grew up surrounded by music. He started singing at the church he grew up in with hymns then later in choirs and musical theater. He developed a love for Celtic music at an early age and it became his prime focus in music through the years. When he's not giving technical advice on industrial machinery, Eric plays the bodhran, fiddle, mandolin, and sings sean-nos.

Wild Rose Moon
115 N. Michigan St.
Plymouth, IN 46563
574 276-1185