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Creation, Contemplation, & the Sacred Circle-MoonTree Studios

Date: 18-Apr-2020


Saturday, April 18 - Sunday, April 19, 9am - 4pm EST

“I create art to let my soul know I’m listening.”–Melody Ross

The power of creating within the sacred circle of the mandala continues to call us—for healing the broken, disjointed parts of ourselves toward a more integrated whole. Franciscan priest Richard Rohr says, “We are called to become wholemakers.”

Combining the solitude of contemplative creativity with the natural landscape of MoonTree studios, we’ll join together for music, inspirational readings and reflection questions to “prime the pump” for self-expression and transformation.

This two-day workshop will build sequentially, each mandala drawing giving expression to what is stirring within. A variety of media will be provided to enhance the “wholemaking” process. If you have favorite colored pencils or gel pens, please bring them along, as well as your journal.

Vera Smucker Shenk, Facilitator
Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19, 2020; 9am-4pm EST
Please register by Friday, April 10 - member $50.00; non-member $55.00 (Includes lunch each day and materials)
Location: MoonTree Paint Studio

MoonTree Studios 574 936-1712
9638 Union Rd. Plymouth, IN 46563