First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church is a Christ-centered community of believers who are committed not only to hearing but doing the Work of God (James 1:22). We gather for worship on Sunday mornings in a traditional setting, enriched with the sounds of pipe organ, piano, choirs and vocalists. The acoustics of our domes ceiling contribute to the glorious sounds we offer to God in praise and thanksgiving. From here we are sent out into the community and the world to share in word and deed the Good News of Jesus Christ wherever we are. On Sunday evenings at 5 p.m., we have casual worship and study at The Well, which is located downstairs in our Christian Ed building. At various times through the week, there are study and fellowship groups available to enrich and grow participants in faith - whether you are just started in your journey with God, or you are a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. You'll find the schedule and a description of these activities on our website.

400 N. Michigan St.
First United Methodist Church