June 18, 2022 7:00 PM

Jurij Fedynskyj

For the first time in 100 years, the traditional torban, kobza, and bandura will be heard worldwide!

For the past 12 years, Jurij Fedynskyj has worked to resurrect the traditional Ukrainian torban, bandura and kobza, after Soviet attempts to erase all memory of the instruments, players, and traditions related thereof. Since very little information has been passed on to present generations, the task of reviving traditions of instrument making, playing, and professions of propagating such music, has been significant, to say the least. Many years have gone into researching existing instruments from a handful of instruments in museums, and historic photographs. Jurij has had to study instrument making, as well as experimentation, to create professional examples of the instruments. Much research has been done as to what repertoire to play, and where to find authentic repertoire. There's also the question of the proper manner of authentic performance and technique. Lastly, the task of learning to play the instruments, and vocal technique required for historic accuracy. The final task, is the presentation of that work to the public, in the form of worldwide tours.

This evening will be:

a prayer service of traditional Ukrainian sacred songs, epic psalms, historic songs, folklore, as well as related genres,

a lecture about the war in Ukraine today, through the heart and history of Ukraine, through her greatest poets, statesmen, and blind singers,

a demonstration of what a traditional kobzar might be today.

Tickets for this event are at the door, and the price is whatever you would like to donate. Give what you can, all money goes to preserving Ukrainian culture. Jurij will also have CDs for sale at the event.

Wild Rose Moon 115 N. Michigan Street Plymouth, IN 46563