November 19, 2021 6:00 PM

The Theory And Practice Of Rivers

The Theory And Practice Of Rivers, Presentation and Workshop

How can our local waterways help us think more creatively and expansively about our relationships to the natural world (and to each other)?

“The Theory and Practice of Rivers” is a talk and workshop exploring the relationship between stream and story in Indiana and beyond. The talk is rooted in Ryan’s book on Fort Wayne’s Maumee River and makes the argument that rivers and streams are a repository of—and participant in—community memory. This talk is followed by a workshop session in which attendees will start creating their own “river stories.” Attendees will leave with a new set of lenses and tools for thinking about their relationships to the natural world, using water (and encounters with bodies of water) as an entry point.

Ryan Schnurr is a writer, editor, and teacher from northeast Indiana. His first book, In the Watershed, traces the history, culture, and environment of the largest watershed in the Great Lakes region through the lens of a weeklong trip from the headwaters of the Maumee River, in Fort Wayne, to its mouth in Toledo, Ohio. He currently edits Belt Magazine ( and is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Purdue University. His website is

This is a FREE event hosted by the Wild Rose Moon, and sponsored by the Indiana Humanities. All our welcome to attend - we look forward to this being the first of many "speaker/lecture" style events being interspersed throughout our lineups.

Masks are required

Event By Wild Rose Moon: 115 N. Michigan Street, Plymouth, IN 46563